Introduction of Central Driving Thickening Tank

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    Central Driving Thickening Tank

    This machine is suitable for ore concentration or tailing dewatering prior to filtration. It can also be widely used in the concentration and purification of solid slurry in industries like metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials, water supply, sewage treatment and other industries. It can increase the concentration of solid contents of slurry from 20 - 30% to 40 - 70%.

    Concentrator is mainly composed of a round concentrator and rake mud scraping machine. In the concentration pool, solid particles suspending in slurry sediment under gravity, while the upper becomes cleaned water, so that the liquid and the solid can be separated. Sludge deposition in the bottom of the concentration tank is discharged by rake mud scraper machine continuously through the outlet on the bottom center, and cleared water overflows from the upper side of the concentration pool.

    Driving is divided into central and peripheral. Rake is divided into manual and electric types. The materials include steel, stainless steel and corrosion resistant material of glass steel, all of which are selected and specified by the user in ordering.

    Performance Characteristics

    1. It adopts a speed reducer and the worm gear drive. It has a big transmission torque with high efficiency. It is also provided with a torque protection device that guarantees a safe use.
    2. When it is overloaded, underwater mud scraping system can manually (or electrically) hoist and then gradually decline to scrape the sludge layer by layer.
    3. The mud pit has small scraper to mix the scraping mud that removes mud thoroughly without plugging.

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