Do you know the Requirements For The Group Glass For Curtain Di

  • The glass used for your glass curtain wall ought to be safety glass, mainly which include Building Tempered Glass, laminated (glued) goblet, insulating glass, fireproof cup, solar control coated a glass and low-emission coated a glass (High Transmission Low-E Glass). The suitable selection requirements are because follows:

    1. Safety glass need to be used for the drape wall. The thickness on the glass should not be less than 6mm. The thickness with the full glass curtain wall rib glass must not be less than 12mm.

    TWO. The appearance quality plus technical index of float glass used for heat-reflecting coated glass shall adhere to the requirements of outstanding products or first-class products inside the current national standard "Float Glass".

    SEVERAL. The insulating glass with the curtain wall should be sealed with two stations.

    The insulating glass on the exposed frame curtain wall should be made of polysulfide sealant and also butyl sealant. The insulating glass in the semi-hidden frame curtain wall shall be made of silicone structural sealant along with butyl sealant; the coated surface should be the second of the particular insulating glass. Or to the third side.

    4, the laminated glass in the curtain wall should be processed by polyvinyl butyral (PVB) roll film dry processing of laminated tumbler. The thickness of your interlayer film (PVB) in the point-supported glass curtain wall membrane laminated glass shall not be under 0. 76 mm.

    A FEW, tempered glass should abide by the provisions of GB9963 "tempered glass".

    SIX. All curtain wall Laminated Glass online should be edge treated.